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Academy of Marxism, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was founded in July, 2009. Its predecessor of education department of Marxism was founded in 1990. Chen Shifa is the dean and Jiang Shuifa is the General Secretary of the Academy. Xia Degen, Tang Shulin, Liu Xiaoquan are vice deans of the Academy, Tang Haiyan is the vice General Secretary of the Party.  There are 51 staff in total in the Academy, among which there are 45 full-time instructors, 13 professors, 17 vice professors, 28 PHD(4 PHD candidate), 4 PHD tutors, 3 post-PHD cooperation tutors and 27 Master tutors. Besides there are 2 people enjoying special government allowance of state council, one candidate in new century excellent talents supporting plan, one counselor in provincial government, one people enjoying provincial government allowance, two candidates in Jiangxi province talent project 555, one candidate in Jiangxi Hundred-thousand-hundred thousand talents engineering project, One Laureate in Fok-Ying-Tong Education Foundation for young teachers, 3 Provincial young and middle-aged discipline leaders, One provincial talent in “One group in four ” project, two provincial famous instructors in ideological and political teaching, one backbone leader in scientific research and academic in provincial level.  Currently there are six institutions in the Academy; they are philosophy, history, politics, ideological and political education, ecology civilization and contemporary Chinese study and office. Besides, there are six non-entity research institutions, they are Chinese characteristic socialism theory system research center, Red culture and style of cultivation of clean government research center, management philosophy research center, administrative ability training and testing center, Culture industry development and policy institute and Gender and development institute. Among which ecology civilization and contemporary Chinese study is the key research base of humanities and social science in colleges and universities in Jiangxi province.  This Academy owns “Marxist theory with China’s research and social development” doctoral degree in the secondary principle, and Marxism and political theory as the first two doctoral disciplines. (Basic principle of Marxism, Localization of Marxism in China, ideological and political education, history of communist Party of China, political theory, Chinese and Foreign political institution as the Master’s degree under the first doctoral discipline) .what’s more, there are two master degrees in the secondary principle in philosophy of Science and technology and Chinese modern and contemporary history. Besides, Marxism theory is the key level of discipline in the 12th Five-Year plan.  The Academy owns national fine-designed videos courses called Chinese traditional Four Books, Chinese modern and contemporary outline as provincial fine-designed video course and provincial high-quality resource sharing course. Marxism basic principles, Introduction of Mao Zedong Thought and system of theories of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis as three university high-quality courses. What’s more, Chinese modern and contemporary history outlines provincial excellent teaching staff team is possessed in the academy.